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Boost YOUR Patient Calls

& Appointments

Get, high converting, hyper local traffic

By appearing on the top results

Fast results as early as 45 days

Increase Traffic
& Sales Fast

Map Rankings


Fully Automated
Tracking & Reporting

40 Super

Full 9-Point GBP Optimization

Send all the right signals to Google – making your practice the local authority

  • More Calls & More Leads

  • Expand Proximity &Coverage

  • More Keyword Relevance

Get in front of your patients

The pandemic hit dental practices hard. But people responded by showing an increased willingness to visit local dentists.
Near Me searches are up 900%.

If you're not in the top 3 map results, you're missing out on most of the clicks.

Near Me searches the GOLDEN STANDARD of local search!

72% of people that make a Near Me search visit a dental practice within 5 miles of their current location. It’s not a matter of IF you need to rank in maps, it’s a matter of HOW FAST you can rank in maps. If they’re not finding your dental practice, they're finding your competitor.

✅ Google Profile’s show up in 93% of searches with local intent.

✅ 92% of searches will pick a business on the first page of Google

✅ 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.

A System that increases your reach

The Google Maps algorithm changes over 100 times a year.

Stay ahead of the curve with stable results you can have confidence in with automatic updates and strategies pushed to all campaigns, old and new.

This translates into predictable and stable stream of patient traffic and sales from ButtonHIGH INTENT buyers.

Rank in as little as 45 days

With a local solution that works

In as little as 45 days, we can optimize your Google Profile (Google Business Profile) and increase your specific targeted keyword and lead volume over a larger geographic area.

The ONLY thing that matters is results

You’re weeks away from more calls, more clicks and more sales.

Start with 7 keywords, and as they rank, seamlessly pivot to new keywords month after month to keep your leads growing. Typical results are within 30-90 days (usually 45 days)

Proven results

Higher Patient Retention With The Most Robust Local Reporting On The Market

You don’t have to spend any time gathering reports. Weekly reporting tracks all the important metrics for your customers while also showing how much money they would have spent if those extra leads came from PPC.

Unlimited Scalability

Whether you’re a small dental practice wanting to add services to your existing business or a Fortune 500 Company, we have you covered. Tiered pricing designed for you, whether you have 100 clients or 10,000 clients.

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